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I just came back from running barefoot on the sand. I love the feel of the wet earth beneath my feet as I run on the beach. With each step, I leave a profound foot print on the sand. Just instants later, this beautiful footprint is washed away by the ocean. As my footprint slowly disappears, I wonder what kind of footprint I am leaving behind as I walk this earth.



“We all leave footprints in the sand; the question is, will we be a big heal, or a great soul?”

Do you ever wonder what kind of mark are you leaving on this planet? Is your mark going to be washed away by the waves of time? Do you have a lasting footprint? Do you feel that you’ve grown throughout your life and have a steadier footprint?

The footprints of our lives

There are many kinds of footprints that we can leave on this planet and in the lives of others. Many might say that the footprint they want to leave behind is a legacy, a famous name, an empire, a fortune, a big family, and so on.

Out of the many ways you can leave your mark in this world, I’m particularly fond of the following footprints on my path. These footprints give me joy and purpose as I walk barefoot through life.

1. Loving kindness footprint

When we stroll with loving kindness through the halls of life, we leave sweet footprints on the lives of everyone we encounter. The cultivation of loving kindness allows us to perform random acts of kindheartedness as well as act with compassion towards others.

The loving kindness footprint is lasting because it transforms us as we touch and transforms others. Walk proudly and spread loving kindness in your path. Your path will be covered with affection going both ways.

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

2. Passion footprint

In my previous post, Catch the Passion Fever but Don’t Call the Doctor, I talk about living your passion. We leave passion footprints in this world when whatever we do in life comes from our heart. When we act in alignment with what we love in life, we can’t help but to leave an enduring impression in the lives of others.

Moving through life with passion allows us to be excited about what we do, and this attitude is extremely contagious. Walk your own path passionately and singing your own tune. Your footprint will be unique and unforgettable.

“One who walks in another’s tracks leaves no footprints.”

3. Growth footprint

We are here to learn, grow, and expand in a variety of ways. I’d like my footprints in life to show that I went from crawling, to tiny steps, to mature walking.

When we dedicate our life to personal and/or spiritual growth, we leave a worthwhile footprint. Growing is not always easy. Actually, it can often be a lot of work. The growth footprints you leave on the road are frequently sweaty, since learning and growing can be quite a work out. But these footprints demonstrates determination and a life well lived.

“Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.”

Make each step count

The footprints you imprint on your path show to others what you are all about. To leave your mark on this world, it’s important to make each step count.

Walk joyfully through life. Spread passion and love with each step. Pace your stride so that you have time to learn from the lessons you encounter. That’s the mark I’d like to leave behind. These are some of the footsteps that I’d like my children to find imprinted on the earth they walk.

Your turn:

What kind of footprint do you want to leave behind? How do you feel about your steps in this world? Do you walk firmly with a steady footprint? Share with us what kind of mark are you making in this world.

With you always in my heart,


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30 Responses to “Three Ways to Leave Your Mark in this World”

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  1. Andre says:

    The beach is like a story book telling what people have done although they passed hours before. Some played, ran, walked erratically, alone, with others or just sat.

    Many of us don’t leave footprints because of where we choose to walk.
    Some walk on rocks, others through water and a few through fire.
    The selfish leave a trail of trash behind them which you can follow anywhere.

    Be like a fossil; leave an impression in the sand that solidifies into rock so that many years later others can marvel and speculate about your life.

  2. Hi Andre!
    I like your idea that the beach is like a story book. I agree that we walk different paths and we choose to leave different footprints. That’s the beauty of your uniqueness. We don’t have to do or be the same.

    I hope you become a beautiful fossil one day. Loving blessings!

  3. Sangita says:

    Hi Andrea,

    A great morning question for me to think on. It is always possible to be loving, kind and living your life with full of affection and showering your love and kindness on the people significant in your life, it is easy but if one wants then. It needs a beautiful heart to work out to leave this mark on the sand.
    Our passion footmarks are definitely going to leave a unique impression and I would definitely do try my best in my life to leave the beautiful and deep impressions of my loving kindness and passion(uniqueness)on the sand,on this earth.

    This post left a unique impression on my mind and heart. Lovely one!

    Thanks for every unique sharing of yours.


  4. Lance says:

    Footprints in the sand…footprints that are there, and then disappear. Such is life…do we ever wonder if the “footprints” we are leaving, if they are really staying around…

    And like those footprints in the sand…those that come and go…that’s okay. Perhaps while they are there, they are footprints to help guide another, to walk with another, to ‘be’. …just as in life…

    And that’s all good…

    Our footprints are a piece of us, left here on this earth (physically or metaphorically)…for some time…

    And in that time, if these footprints come from our heart…they touch another’s footprints…in beautiful ways…

    And I feel that’s what really matters. Not how long our footprints stay, but how they have touched another in this walk of life.

    Andrea…know that you have very much touched me with your “footprints”, and I am grateful for you.

    Love always,

  5. Jk Hustle says:

    Hi Andrea – I enjoyed the read!

    The kind of footprints that I want to leave are those that start with a appreciation for life. There’s someone just like me, and even someone like you who didn’t wake up from their sleep this morning, somewhere in the world. So, at the start of it all, I want to promote the appreciation of life – no matter the religion or faith. In the same context, appreciate your health, having the ability to eat and eat whatever you want – some people don’t have that luxury.

    I believe when people see from this angle – that they are truly blessed: everything is easier to accomplish from there. Plus, a perspective on life establishes priorities of life. Work and business become so far down the list in comparison to people; especially family and friends.

    Peace to all.

  6. I envy you living close to enough to the ocean to walk on the sand! The footprints I hope to leave involve my kids and grandkids. If their lives are happy and productive, if they are compassionate and loving, then the footprints of my life will have left a positive mark on the world well after I am gone.

  7. Dia says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Very nice topic! The footprints that I would love to leave is the help that I like to give to people. If I help people in some way and bring happiness to their hearts, then I have done my job. It is always curcial to think about what each one of us wants to leave behind and not walk aimlessly through life. Thanks for sharing

  8. ayo says:

    hello andrea,
    how are you?
    i loved reading this article and it pricked my thoughts on what legacy i want to set, be known for or leave behind, no matter how small it is. i believe it’s imprtant we contribute to the society out of a genuine and sincere heart.
    what’s the purpose of going through the events of life without having a constructive/positive impact on friends, colleagues, jobs, school…
    as you have rightly mentioned the foot prints imprinted on our paths show others who we really are.
    thanks for sharing this and enjoy the rest of the day

  9. David says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Your post caught me straight away, as I also love running on the beach (though I live far from any!).

    But yes, to me the purpose of incarnation is to leave our positive, helpful, and giving, altruistic Footprint, be it great or small.

    I must have been just a child, not even in my teens, when I began wondering how people can accept just being born, moving through life on auto-pilot – and all the things which are absolutely fine – money, family, career, nice house – yet which alone maybe don’t add up to much. Of course, children and their good raising does, as does love towards a partner.

    But I’ve always felt that some of us are here to still do more than that. Thankfully we meet others who think the same way, and we are not alone e.g. your blog post!


  10. Hi Sangita! Nice to see you. Thanks for your beautiful words. I can already see your passion and loving kindness footprints as you move through the blogsphere. Your kindness shows up where you go and your footprints are as sweet as you.

    Thanks for making such a wonderful mark in this world! Loving blessings!

  11. Hi Lance! Truly lovely to hear from you. The footprints are a metaphor for how we choose to walk on this life and the steps we decide to take.

    You have some good points that the footprints are a part of us and how we touch others with these footprints is what matters. Beautifully stated.

    You also touch me with your words and your posts, my friend! I appreciate your wisdom. Loving blessings!

  12. Hi JK Hustle! Appreciation is a gorgeous footprint to leave on your path. I agree that when we appreciate, we are blessed. Being grateful for what we have and for life does change our perspective. And yes, life becomes easier because everything is so light, no load to carry.

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your views! Loving blessings!

  13. Hi Bob! I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to the beach (a pretty long walk though).

    Family footprints are a joy to leave on our path. Our kids are often a reflection of the choices we made on the road we walked. Their happiness is our happiness.

    Thanks for visiting! You are always a joy. Loving blessings!

  14. Carlisia says:

    Dear Andrea, wonderful being,

    I was just thinking about this topic, and how the many lessons that have been beaten over my had, especially over the last 1 1/2 year, seems to be leading me in the way to urgently learn how crucial it is to *give* kindness, which is your first footprint. I’m good with the other ones, but this one… It is possible that I have spent my entire life with the sole objective of *getting* and *experiencing* kindness. It seems I was either happy for getting it or tortured for not getting it, and in turn torturing in one way or another any soul that denied it to me.

    At the same time, I have also thought of what could I do to “give back” to this world, as a way to thank the world for the many souls that have indeed given me kindness. Things like doing some monumental social work would popup in my head, but never anything in specific that felt right.

    Well… I am starting to get the idea that “the monumental work” resides inside the little acts of kindness that we have the opportunity to do. All the acts and words directed at anybody, family or not, at any time of the day, they all count. These little acts are chock full of impact, especially when dished out steady and constantly, and as a side effect they might help steady our minds and in turn help us to stay present and focused on the next opportunity to show kindness.

    Everything we do will lead us to our next experience. But, if we chose the kind act/response, even if at that moment it feels like a stab to our ego (which is nothing but a story in our head), it is likely that we will move in the direction of our next “right” experience.

    Those were the insights I had in this very same day. What a synchronicity. But still… easy to say, hard to practice.

  15. Prerna says:

    Lovely, thought-provoking post. I like the idea of leaving a loving kindess footprint as well as the others. In fact, the growth footprint can also include helping others grow along with growing ourselves, quite akin to what you’re doing right here at britetalk:-)

  16. Hi Dia! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Help and happiness footprints are a wonderful gift to others. Well said, as we walk with purpose, we touch other in beautiful and inspiring ways.

    Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you stopped by. Loving blessings!

  17. Hi Ayo! I’m doing great, thanks for asking. When you contribute to society with a genuine heart, you can’t go wrong. :) It’s great that when we consider our purpose and evaluate what path we are walking. As you said, walking a positive path will bring about great results for us and for others.

    I appreciate you coming by and leaving such a lovely comment. Loving blessings!

  18. Hi David! Welcome to britetalk! It’s great to have you here. Wonderful, another beach runner. :)

    I agree that the size of the footprint is not as important as the intention of our stride. You began your search quite early. From time to time, I think most us end up wondering whether we are here to be more than we can conceive at the moment. Once we start exploring, there is no turning back.

    I enjoyed your visit. I’m glad to walk this path along with you. I hope to see you back here soon. Loving blessings!

  19. Hi Carlisia! Welcome to britetalk! What a pleasure to have you here. It’s wonderful to see you describe your process and the growth that came from it.

    You are totally right, small acts of kindness are as good as huge displays of kindness. There isn’t a measure for kindness. All little acts build over time to fill your path with loving footprints. :)

    And yes, it’s usually easier said then done. Still, all we can do is try.

    Loving blessings!

  20. Hi Prerna! Thanks for your kind comment. Good point! Anytime we help others (including help with growth) we leave a beautiful footprint that touches and transforms. It transforms us and others at the same time. As we help others to grow, we also grow along with them.

    I appreciate your insights! Loving blessings!

  21. I want to leave foot prints of love and kindness with a lot of humor folded in. We always need to remember that everytime we touch a lifem,we do leave our footprint. Wonderful article, Andrea thanks

  22. Hi Debbie! Beautiful, I like your footprint idea! Yes, we touch people’s lives all the time. Isn’t this an amazing thought? We just to be conscious of the way we touch them with our footprints. :)

    Thanks for contributing to the conversation. Loving blessings!

  23. Andrea: Great question and great post. I think 2 footprints I think are very important are those that hep other people and help them learn and grow. Also, living and learning yourself is also a great footprint. I have always believed it is important to be able to look back on your life and know that each day you lived better and knew more than you did the day before. Great question.

  24. Hi Sibyl! Yes, growth is a great footprint. To realize that we transformed throughout our lives is a wonderful gift. To realize that as we transformed we also transformed others, it’s an amazing gift as well.

    Wonderful to see you here! I’m glad to hear your thoughts. Loving blessings!

  25. This is one of the best things I’ve ever read – a perfect addition to my life right now. Thank you.

  26. Hi new friend!
    I’m really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your sweet comment! Loving blessings!

  27. hey Andrea:)

    first of all- nice to meet you. I came over from Keith’s blog.
    I liked when you talked about passion, and how important it is when we even consider the idea of influencing others.
    I want to share with you something:
    I was walking with my beautiful dogs this morning, and listening to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Self reliance” essay. There he mentioned something that resonates with your post so well. – everything we do and create is a shadow of our inner selves….grow your passion:)

    thank you

  28. Hi Martyna!
    Welcome to britetalk! Thanks for stopping by. I absolutely love this quote “everything we do and create is a shadow of our inner selves….grow your passion.” And you are right, it totally resonates with my beliefs. I’m going to tweet it. :)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. It’s great to have you here. Loving blessings!

  29. my pleasure Andrea!

  30. Jannika says:

    You keep it up now, unrsdetand? Really good to know.